Make and Take class kit!

Essential Oil Make and Take class kit
Essential Oil Make and Take class kit

Make and Take class kit!

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This is a class ready to go! I have found that all the prep for a class can become a road block for it ever happening. That’s why I’ve kitted it all up and made it cute for you! No excuses.

Teach an Immune support class, or an Emotional support class and make these perfect 5ml rollers to get your peeps using oils right away.

I’m offering this product for a limited time before it becomes exclusive to my team.

Each kit includes 10 recipe cards, and 10 sets of 5 labels.

Immune support class includes:

  • Breathe Well

  • Skin Soother

  • Immunity Level Up

  • Digestive Support

  • Sleep Tight

Emotional Support class:

  • Quiet Comfort

  • Go Get’em Tiger

  • Attitude Adjustment

  • Focus Fix

  • Stress Less

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