Sweetie Wallet Pattern

Sweetie Wallet Pattern


The Sweetie Wallet pattern includes two sizes. The instructions are essentially the same for both the small (A) sweetie and the medium (B) sweetie. Differences will be noted! 

The Sweetie Wallet, can also easily become a small sewing kit, we’ll call it the Sewing Sweetie. When you’re traveling and sewing very little is more frustrating than a spool of thread tied around everything in your bag... but at least you remembered to bring the right color! Sewing kit instructions will be noted! 

The Sweetie Wallet will let you secure your essential oil rollers, your lipstick, your thread and basically any other cylindrical item from rolling around and potentially causing trouble with the other contents of your bags. Also, when you need one of these things, stop the madness and the frantic search that has you remove everything from your bag twice to find the one thing you need. Give it a home in a Sweetie Wallet. This quick project will save you time, energy, and potentially money, as you won’t lose and repurchase the same items again and again.

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