My name is Elizabeth House, you can call me Lizzy.

I'm a printmaker, a textile designer, an author, an educator, an art director, a sometimes illustrator, a voice of reason, and a very often world traveler. 

In so many ways, I'm a seed saver. I collect seeds in every facet of my life. I plant these seeds. I share the stories of how they came to be, and with all I'm able, I nurture them to enable these little things to grow, to see if they can become more and potentially reach the measure of their creation. I have failed, and will fail again, but I have also succeeded beyond my wildest and dearest dreams. I'm certain it's my calling in life to share the ways of someone who grows things, to keep planting these seeds in all their color shape and variety, and to see what good comes of it. 

I'm currently located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with my also artist husband, Ben Howell.