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1001 Peeps: 5 Magical Projects ebook

In this beautiful book, Lizzy has taken classic designs and themes to make traditional patterns new again. With gorgeous photography, winning designs, and incredible quilting, this book is sure to inspire and enable you to make these wonderful projects with ease. The book includes 4 full size quilt patterns, and one large crewel embroidery project.

These patterns have been out of print since 2011, and we’re thrilled to offer them again to a whole new world of quilters.

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I have loved the quilts in this book for so long, and I missed it when it was first available. I’m planning my Diamond Mountain now and I can’t wait to make a Midnight at the Oasis! I’m beside myself that it’s available again.
— Emily Olsen

projects from the book

monkey wrench quilt.jpg

The High Seas

A new twist on a classic pattern, the High Seas uses placement of color, value, and patterns create crashing waves that twist and turn. Use a border or take the pattern all the way to the edge!

This pattern includes a very detailed fabric and cutting chart arranged by value so you can fill in your own fabrics and start with a solid plan.


Midnight at the Oasis

The quilt flies together! One block that changes directions and requires significantly less planning. Use up some of your stacks of fat quarters, and play with the color placement.

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Spice Route

This quilt is a delight to look at and a snap to make. Using several different traditional blocks this modified sampler is a quick twist on a classic. Keeping the quilt mostly monochromatic will allow the pops of the darker values to add interest and sparkle.


Diamond Mountain

A new take on the classic Kaleidoscope block turns this traditional quilt into a heap of faceted gems. By focusing on the value of the fabrics and not the individual blocks we create all new shapes!

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crewel embroidery pillow

As You Wish Crewel Cushion

Never has wishing into your pillow been so appealing! With this crewel embroidery cushion you can create your own magic lamp, to summon your own Genie whenever you needs be.

-Includes cushion instruction as well as embroidery instruction and pattern.


1001 Peeps: 5 magical projects! ebook
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The Diamond Mountain

Some variations of Diamond Mountain from a week long workshop at the workroom. It looks amazing in any color palette.

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